Tuesday, November 19, 2013

News, highlights and great tips and a few mishaps as well from our year to date events, concerts and weddings!

Outstanding events this year included a late September performance at a museum on the east side of Manhattan completely unique and new to us. Tucked away behind a red door is the "American Illustrators Museum" and "Society of Illustrators" on E. 63rd St. The museum has wonderful exhibits of illustrations by famous artists as well as students and it supports the work of many young presenters, students and much more.
The beautiful illustration was on display the evening I performed at the museum at one of it's private fund raising events..lovely!
Other highlights included a concert performance at the Federal Veterans Hospital in St. Albans, and also at the Bronxwood Home for the Aged in the Bronx. These performances by our Duo of Harp and Violin were memorable and I for one was touched by the many questions and responses of the patients in both settings...sweet and meaningful to both myself and the harpist....see our lovely audience participants together with harpist after the concert held in late May.
Capriccio Ensemble performed at various concerts, events and weddings in NYC, Long Island, Westchester and NJ this year. I took as many photos as were possible at each of our events....here are a few highlights from various weddings we performed at this year in 2013!
Lovely Nuptial Mass held at Our Lady of Victory Church in Floral Park NY on 8/30/13 performed by our String Trio

Solo Violinist after a concert held at Epiphany at St. Kevin's Church in
Auburndale NY

Bride and Groom just married on 11/3/13 at Smithtown Landing Country Club on Long Island! Lovely couple, Jeffrey and Elisa. I had the pleasure of performing their very first dance song "Every Breath You Take" by Sting for them :)

A beautiful bride with a most handsome Groom, at a wedding ceremony held in March at the Smithtown Landing Country Club. The venue is one of the most hospitable places we have ever worked at ..very nice staff. Congrats to Christine and Jude! ..wishing you both every happiness always!

Photo taken from where I had been performing for their ceremony, in the back of the outdoor garden area at the absolutely gorgeous East Wind Caterers and Estate for Chrissy and Trevor our stunning and sweet military bride and groom on 7/19/13...Congrats! We wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

At the Glen Island Harbour club at a wedding ceremony performed for Jennifer and Michael on June 29th 2013..the glass enclosed chapel is stunning on a lovely day with views of the sea and nearby Glen Island Park and grounds from the windows! Congrats to Jennifer and Michael..wishing you every happiness! :)

Our gorgeous cellist (I call her "E") taken on 10/26/13 at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor in Mahopac NY. Although their was a chill in the air, the warmth and love felt everywhere at this wedding would have been sufficient for a massive bonfire..such nice people to work for and perform for!!! Congratulations to Jacky and Tim and we all wish you much happiness in love and in life always!

I snuck a picture of our beautiful bride after her church ceremony held in Bayonne NJ held at St. Henry Church in March. Congrats!!

The cellist with me took this photo after the ceremony of Chrissy and Trevor ohn 7/19/13 in the garden at East Wind Caterers

wishing you both another 25 years + of love and happiness! It was a great pleasure for me to play my violin at your wonderful party and celebration on July 14th at Jeffrey's of Westfield. All the best always! 
Tip/suggstion: If you are planning a garden wedding please observe any contractual information from your string team about performing in rain, drizzle or misting. Unfortunately at one venue (The Bourne Mansion) there was a mishap with a situation where we were expected to perform in rain, precipitation and etc and it was quite clear on our contract with the bride that this was not going to be possible. the Banquet manager who told me (and I quote) "I am all about the bride". We are too and our goal is to provide complete satisfaction and happiness in their music to each one of our most highly valued bride's, and groom's and client's and to be sure 100% that they are enchanted with our music making and professionalism. Unfortunately, string instruments, just the same as a fine piece of wood, are unable to endure any moisture or water falling upon them, as it is damaging to the delicate instruments, the varnish and more. Therefore if your string section is not playing because a Manager insisted that they remain on a balcony which is not protected from the elements on a windy day where the rain and precipitation are being blown into the area where we were expected to play, and the rain is blowing precipitation right onto our highly valuable instruments....this is not a situation that our instruments can sustain without causing permanent damage to the instrument(s).  It was in our agreement with our June 14th  Bourne Mansion bride specifiying clearly what outdoor weather situations we can and cannot perform in ...in terms of the weather!  Perhaps our June 14th bride had never read our contract thoroughly?
Just a suggestion, however please be understanding as someone's violin, or cello, which is the tool of his/her trade and although the last thing in the world we wish to do is to put a damper on your special day by the same token we simply cannot perform in any rain, precipitation, drizzle, misting or other element in which moisture is present.

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